Protest aboard the Princess

PALM BEACH (WFLX) - More than 100 passengers who paid to gamble aboard the Palm Beach Princess cruise ship Wednesday were greeted by protesting crew members.

Those workers were hoping to get the attention of the cruise ship's parent company.

One of the passengers waiting to board commented, "We got our boarding passes and then just sat there and waited."

The passengers said that morning they were told the Coast Guard was onboard doing an inspection. Then the delay was caused by the weather, but the ship would still sail.

A passenger continued, "I asked the lady again and she said we're going, it's just a matter of time. And obviously we're not going."

It turns out, a majority of the 193 crew members organized the protest with the ship's captain against Ocean Development, the company that owns the Princess.

Crew members say the company has threatened to terminate workers and cut salaries by 25%. Crew members also told CBS 12 their last paychecks were three days late.

One witness says, "People work so hard and they're not treated well."

All the workers onboard the Panama based Palm Beach Princess are foreign nationals. So today, all crew members were detained onboard the ship by US Customs and Boarder Patrol during the protest.

The Palm Beach Princess Casino released this statement to us saying: "The captain of the Princess was relieved of his duties this morning after organizing a strike. The company is now working to solve the situation as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, angry passengers head back home, "I am disappointed, I don't think I'm going to come again."

At this point, it's unclear when the Princess will be back sailing the open water