Hit by construction slump and foreclosure crisis, family faces uncertainty

By Chuck Weber

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX)-First hit by the construction industry woes. Now the foreclosure crisis. A Port St. Lucie family with a Down's Syndrome child, has to be out of their rented home soon. As the holidays approach, Theresa and Paul Muczko say they don't know where they'll go or what they'll do.

When we visited the family Friday, 5-year old Hailey, the girl with Down's Syndrome, showed us the sign language she's learning in school.

"She's come a long way since she started there this year," said Theresa. The last thing Theresa says she wants is to pull Hailey out of her class and take her to a different school. But she may have no choice.

Paul, a tile setter, says he had steady work when construction was booming. But for more than two years, Paul has only had occasional work. Teresa has looked for work unsuccessfully, in between having Hailey and 2-year old Sarah.

Help from relatives enabled the Muczko's to start renting their home earlier this year. But soon after moving in, the Muczko's say they learned the house was in foreclosure. Recently they were told to move out.

"We need to leave, we know that," affirmed Theresa. "But as far as where we go, I don't know. We don't have the money to move with."

"It's not easy any more," said Paul, tearing up. "I can do without, but my kids can't."

Mrs. Muczko says she wants to decorate the home for Christmas, but they may have to move out any day. The Muczko's say relatives do not have room to take them in, and while family has helped in the past financially, they can only help so much.

"I feel like I'm sitting up high somewhere, and I'm about to jump," said Theresa. "But I don't know where I'm going to land."