Celebrity Corner: Jamie Kennedy

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - During the week, he's on the TV set. And on the weekends, he takes his comedy on the road, but Jamie Kennedy's not alone. "I have a special friend that might come down."

"I heard about this special friend. Let's talk about this special friend," Rachel said.

He's referring to his girlfriend and co-star, Jennifer Love Hewitt. "The first time I met her, it was a long time ago. I was at a party, and I was with Jerry O'Connell. And I said, 'Who's that?' He said, 'That's J-Love. She's 16'. And I was like, 'Ah crap'. Then, a couple years after that I went to TRL, and I was about to talk to her, and then I saw Carson Daly come and put his arm around her. And then I was like 'Ah crap.'"

But fate has its way of leading two people together. Kennedy plays opposite Hewitt in the TV drama "Ghost Whisperer". "I'm very fortunate to be on the show; it does quite well, and I got to my love out of it."

"When they casted you with her, what did you think?" Rachel asked.

"Well, a part of you is like it's a job, and the other part is 'It's Jennifer Love Hewitt!'"

And starting a family could be on the horizon for the celeb couple. "You never know. I'd be very fortunate as long as they get her nose because mine's too big."

Kennedy comes from a big family. "I was the youngest of six. It was my brother, four girls and me. So up until I was about 12, I was a woman for Halloween."

And year's later, he's still have identity troubles. "This girl came up to me this [Friday] morning, and goes, 'Oh my God, I know you'. She gave the camera to her friend. 'Stacy, take a picture. Take a picture of me and Jamie Foxx.'"

You can say new material never stops coming in for Kennedy.

Rachel asked him if he could perform before anyone, who would he want in his audience. And he replied his girlfriend, Eddie Murphy and Gandhi.