911 tapes released from deadly hit and run

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BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The 911 tapes from the deadly hit and run in Boynton Beach show that the woman driving the car did stop to tell the children they shouldn't be in the road before leaving the scene.

Update TUE 10AM:

Flowers, stuffed animals and even a graded assignment from her teacher are all a part of the memorial for 5th grader, Darnessa Brown, off southwest 9th Avenue in Boynton.

"My niece was 10 years old. She didn't have the chance to live and she's now longer with us."

During the hit and run, Darnessa's older sister was also hurt. She has been released from the hospital.

Leticia Flores was arrested for hitting the girls and taking off. She's being held on one million dollars bond because she does not have a driver's license and could be a flight risk.

One witness stated, "The lady that hit her got out of her car and told them you shouldn't have been in road. No remorse."

The 911 tapes show evidence that the driver did stop but then took off.

" Is the car that hit her still there?

Yes. She's driving. She's getting into her car. I don't know where she is going.

Alright get the tag number if she is trying to leave please.

She's driving away!

The lady is driving away?

It's a red Honda S.U.V."

Jessica Thomas made this phone call and by the end, she was furious. "She only stuck around until she found out the little girl probably wouldn't live and then took off."

As for Darnessa's family, They are not only searching for why this happened. But how they move on with out this loving 10-year-old.

The tragic accident was a hard one to explain at the 5th grader's school, Forest Park Elementary.

School officials encouraged parents to talk about the accident and even draw pictures and cards for the grieving family. Grief counselors will be made available at the school all week.

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A Boynton Beach woman sits in a jail cell preparing to face a judge. She's charged with a deadly hit and run crash. Police say she hit two girls killing one of them.

The woman, Leticia Flores, was booked into the Sunday night and will be in court later Monday morning.

Police say Flores hit two girls as they rode a scooter in their neighborhood. One of those little girls, 10-year-old Darness Brown, died. Neither girl wore a helmet.

It happened at the intersection of Southwest 9th Avenue and Southwest 3rd Street in Boynton Beach.

Neighbors got the first three letters off of the driver's license plate, and, minutes later, police caught up with her and put her in handcuffs.

Some neighbors living near where this happened say their roads just aren't safe. "Forty miles per hour on this road, and there's little kids walking around everywhere," said one neighbor.

"Speed bumps, I don't think a stop sign will help because people fly through the only one we have," added another.

Flores is charged with leaving the scene of a crash with death and driving without a license causing death.

We'll bring you updates as we receive them.