Baby delivered on Southwest plane

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

DENVER, CO (WFLX) - Southwest Airlines is the one carrier that doesn't charge for bags. Now, deliveries are free, too!

A flight, headed from Chicago to Salt Lake City, made an unexpected stop in Denver. That's because a passenger gave birth while the plane was a mile high in the sky.

Two doctors and two nurses assisted the woman to the plane's back galley. Supplies were limited, but Dr. John Saran said after a couple pushes, the baby was out. "When I first saw the head coming out, I said, 'Great, at least it's not the backend'. That would've been a problem." And out came a healthy baby boy.

Since he was born in the Colorado airspace, and the plane was diverted to Denver, the baby's birth certicate will state he was born in Denver, Colorado.