Four people shot in West Palm

WEST PALM BEACH (WFLX) - A shooting on Windsor Avenue and 30th Street in West Palm Beach left three wounded and one killed. 

Police say just after 5PM, a white car pulled up to the house and opened fire. When shooting stopped, a total of four people were hit.

Tevin Gibson's father was one of them. He tells us his dad was wounded in the shoulder and ankle, but he is going to survive.

Tevin says all the victims were just hanging out in front of the family's home. Many of his young family members were playing outside as well, a long with other neighborhood kids during the shooting.

Tevin commented, "They were outside playing at the time. And when I got the call I was worried that one of them may have gotten shot as well, so I had to run over here as fast as I could."

Tevin says the attack may have been related to an argument his brother was involved in at school over a girl.

Police would not confirm a motive. One officer said, "It's too early in the investigation to determine that, so I couldn't tell you that at this time, no."

Now many in this community, including some of the youngest must try and figure out another senseless act of violence.