Delray's menorah blunder

By John Bachman - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A local city commissioner says Jews and other groups are being left out of the holiday celebrations in Delray Beach, and it's all because of the law.

The argument boils down to a Supreme Court case from the 90s. It said a Christmas tree is not a religious symbol. It's a commercial sign of the season; however, it wasn't so clear about menorahs.

Delray City Commissioner Adam Frankel says he was recently contacted by some of his constituents about why Old School Square hosts a Christmas tree, but no other ornaments from any other holidays happening right now specifically a menorah.

There is a sign explaining the meaning of Christmas, Hannukha and Kwanza. But, Frankel says, that's not enough.

City Manager David Harden told us over the phone that not having a menorah might not be the popular thing to do, but it is important to keep the city from getting sued.

Frankel says several other cities display menorahs so why not Delray. "I think, it is the time of the year to celebrate not only Christmas but also all the holidays that fall in December."

The issue was just up for discussion Tuesday night; however, no action was taken.

Some of the speakers mentioned other South Florida cities that display menorahs. They realize it might be too late to get anything done this considering Hannukha starts Friday. But they hope to see the menorah at Old School Square next year.