Jack, 'The Bike Man' needs help

By Althea Paul - email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A local man is making a difference by fixing up hundreds of bikes to give to children who need them. But with the tough economy, this Christmas, he doesn't know if he can come through for all the kids who are depending on him.

Now, Jack, 'The Bike Man' is asking for your help. 

It may not be Santa's workshop, but for hundreds of children in Palm Beach County, it's close enough. It's where Jack does all his bike repairs. But, this year, things are definitely different.

"I've actually been very concerned for several months, and, just this week. it just hit me, 'We're almost at Christmas, and we're way behind,'" said Jack.

With the economy, Jack has gotten more bike requests and less money and bike donations coming in than ever before. He needs 200 more bikes, and that also means more money for new parts, such as tires, helmets and reflectors. "It's hard to ask for help, but I need it. And they're some wonderful people out there who really enjoy helping people," said Jack, 'The Bike Man'.

Just weeks until Christmas, and all the bikes still have to be fixed. Added to that, the extra hundreds that Jack is hoping to get in. He says, he'll need a lot more help to get them all repaired.

Jack says he has several volunteers now, but they won't be able to fix all the bikes in time. He's hoping people will step up in any way they can - bikes, money or time so Christmas wishes can come true. "It's a really wonderful thing to see those smiles on these kids who have nothing."

If you'd like to help, you can call Jack at 561-863-1569 or go to www.jackthebikeman.org.