Boca man trying to breed "super dog" arrested

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) - Dozens of animals have been taken from a man who wanted to breed a "super dog".

James Marinakis, of Boca Raton, faces animal cruelty charges for beating dogs, leaving animals outside in the hot sun without food and water, letting sores fester, and leaving them covered in feces. 

Investigators said James Markinakis, of West Boca Raton, was trying to breed centaurians -- a cross between a bull mastiff and a sharpei.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control control confiscated roughly 60 dogs, five parrots, and several horses from Markinakis' property. They said the animals were covered in feces and left outside without shelter or water. Many suffered from skin conditions. Dogs were covered in sores. Witnesses reported seeing Marinakis beat the dogs with a golf club and PVC pipe

Authorities said Marinakis doesn't even have a license to breed.

This isn't Marinakis' first brush with the law. Since 2001, authorities have cited Marinakis more than a dozen times because of the way he kept animals on his property.

Marinakis, who is free on $3,000 bond, couldn't immediately be reached for comment.