Parents hold vigil for children

By Peter Schaller - email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - They lost their children, but they are gaining friendship with each other.

A vigil for all parents who have shared that pain and lost so much was held in Royal Palm Beach Sunday night. Parents are helping each other cope with an incredible amount of sorrow.

They came thinking about their own losses. But when the candles were lit, they were also thinking about the two little girls killed recently. Now, they share a bond with their grieving parents.

"Everybody grieves differently. I know, right now, those families feel like their hearts have been ripped out of their chests," said one mother.

If anyone knows how Makayla's and Darnessa's parents feel, it's these people. "My heart broke for those two little girls."

Local parents who have lost their own children. When it comes to this, they can relate to each other. "It's the most difficult thing in life."

A world-wide candle lighting remembering all children who were taken from their families too soon. The flame passed from candle to candle at 7 p.m. Sunday at a Royal Palm Beach cemetary as the rest of the globe joined in.

Organized by a the Compassionate Friends, Darelene lost her daughter, Erin, six years ago. Erin was killed when a car hit her. "Parents want that joy, but when you lose a child, it's really hard to get through the holidays."

This vigil is a chance to make friends sharing an inexplicable bond. "You don't ever stop the grief. You just learn to deal with it better. It gets lighter."

If you're a parent looking for help following the loss of a child, visit their Web site, The Compassion Friends.