Baptist group protests Jewish community

By Allison Bybee - bio | email

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - Maybe you saw them and were disgusted, or maybe you cheered. A small group of protestors targeting the Jewish community, but why?

"I think it's disturbing," says Mike Cahill. Cahill saw the signs on his walk. Signs targeted at our homosexual population and the Jewish community.

The signs used pornographic images and derogatory names. "I'm a Christian, and, I know, that the Bible is very clear. That God wants to see everyone saved."

He was astounded by what he thought were inappropriate signs held by Westboro Baptist Church members from Kansas.

Hezakiah Phelps is a church member. "What we are saying is right because it's getting right to the heart of the matter. It's on their minds."

But many residents didn't see the gay bashing or the negative Jewish comments amusing. One woman says, "Actually, I am Jewish and now I am insulted."

Neither did the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County. They tell us: "It is truly repugnant that a group that identifies itself as a church would use this time of year - one of holiness, peace and good will - to spread its vulgar message of hate."

"It's nonsense. It's ridiculous; it's stupid," says Itzel Ezagy. He is Jewish and says he tries to ignore the comments and they are not worth the stress. Still others were frustrated by what they saw and cried out to the protestors.

If the signs didn't get you, maybe one of the protestors who trampled the American Flag would bother you. Joshua Phelps said he did it because it's become America's idol, "It's a piece of cloth that deserves to be stomped on."

Obviously, this Baptist church is extremely controversial. Many Christians say the group is not Christian.

Tuesday, expect to see this group again. This time they will be at three locations in Boca Raton.