US Marshals target Miami in search for killer

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

MIAMI (WFLX) - Flyer after flyer and person to person, U.S. Marshals and Jupiter Police pounded the pavement Wednesday in Miami to find an alleged murderer.

"Our main focus right now is to get his picture out there, through the local media and through the national media. We're hoping at some point in time he has to stick his head out, and when he does stick his head out, we are going to have some viewer who has seen his picture and their gonna call in," said Barry Golden with the U.S. Marshals.

Authorities handed out the picture and description of Paul Michael Mehrige in a strip mall the 35-year-old accused Thanksgiving day murderer frequented.

"This is where the videos were taken of him seen leaving in the car, so we want to blanket this area," said Manny Puri with the US Marshals.

In fact, Mehrige lived in a high-rise building in Southwestern Miami just around the corner from the strip mall.

It was Thanksgiving night when police say he opened fire on his own family killing 4 people including his relative, 6 year old Makayla Sitton who was shot in the face while she slept.

Jupiter Police admit they don't have any big leads.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Michael Brannon says it's clear the alleged killer intended to inflict pain on his family right on Thanksgiving and may return for another important holiday, Christmas.

"Remember that this person has chosen dates, this wasn't done by accident. So we might expect that (Christmas) may be an ideal time to leave that kind of message. This might be a time for a re-visit by that person," said Brannon.