Rain Causes Street Flooding in Boynton Beach

By Al Pefley  email

Boynton Beach, FL (WFLX)

Hours of rain resulted in flooding on Federal Highway, south of Woolbright Road Friday.  It made for some minor headaches for drivers. Mother Nature turned some streets into lakes in Boynton Beach.  Like here on Federal Highway, right out in front of a condo complex called the Colonial Club.

One resident trying to drive out of the main entrance says it's no fun.  "I  think this flooding that happens all the the time when there's heavy rain is uncalled for. Something's wrong with the drainage around here!" said Angela Maher, a Colonial Club resident who paused to comment before driving away.

A D.O.T.  worker showed up with a long pole, to start clearing debris from the storm drains, saying the water from all that rain had nowhere to go.

In some stretches of Federal Highway, the flood water was almost knee-deep.  It presented  a challenge for drivers, who had to either steer around it or  plow through it and run the risk of stalling their engine and being stuck in all that water.  One resident couldn't help but come out to watch.

"We've got it easy. You should be in Buffalo, New York. They got it rough!  This is nothing!" said Burt Weiss, standing along Federal Highway.

A woman  took advantage of a break in the rain to take her dog George out for a walk, and says maybe all this rain is a good thing.  "I hope it ends the drought. I hope it puts a dent in it," said Donna Wojcik, a Boynton Beach resident.

The water on Federal Highway also flooded the sidewalk and was too deep for one female jogger, who decided it would be better to turn back.

"I could've jogged through it but my feet would've gotten all wet and that's never a good thing for a runner. You didn't want to go through eight inches of water?  Maybe one or two inches, but  eight inches is a little much," said Jennifer Goscinski, a jogger visiting from North Carolina.

Drivers on I-95 in Boynton Beach also got drenched, and they too,  got a good soaking rain that went on for hours.

Back at the Colonial Club condos, they say this is not the first time it's flooded.  This happens  from time to time and they are certainly getting tired of it.

They want city leaders to do something. Soon.