Fish is Your Friend

Patrick & I are at Dockside picking up some fish. Even through he's a dog he loves to eat fish. There have been a lot of studies of how beneficial it can be in regard to preventing heart disease and some cancers, but there's another study from Harvard that's even more amazing. Let me tell you about it.
A recent report just reported that if you eat fish once a month it will decrease the stroke risk by about 40% - that's right, as little as once a month and it didn't make any difference what kind of fish - even McDonald's fish helped. This compared to a study that was done a year ago. A Harvard study of over 80,000 women over about 17 years showed that if you eat fish 3-5 times a week it decreased the stroke risk by about 50%.
What these studies ultimately tell us is whether we eat fish once a month or 3-5 times a week there are compelling reasons to do it, because it can prevent heart disease and certain types of cancers and that only makes sense - and that's not a fish tale.
I'm Dr David Vastola and that's life.