Dangers & Benefits of Sprouts

Patrick & I go to a store like this for the same reasons you do - because we're looking for healthy food, supplements, vitamins, herbs, minerals, and all those types of things. But even in a store like this there are dangers, hazards - even potentially lethal ones. Let me show you where they reside.
Here's what I'm talking about: I'm talking about sprouts, all different types:
alfalfa, clover, broccoli, sunshine sporouts - they're potentially very dangerous because they harbor bacteria. These sprouts have been linked to ecoli - the toxogenic type which can cause death within a day or two, and even salomonella. No less than six outbreaks have occured because of sprouts & salomonella which can lead to serious illinesses and even death.
The thing here is you need to cook them, you can't eat them raw and you can't stir fry them because they temperatures are too low - you have to cook them just like the regular foods. And even washing them will not protect you. Now if you do that and you put these in your food you are going to enjoy all the benefits and your not going to be endangered by the potential bacteria.
I'm Dr David Vastola and that's life.