Merhige added to U.S. Marshals top 15 Fugitives List

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JUPITER, FL (AMERICAN'S MOST WANTED) - On Thanksgiving Day, extended family gathered in one Jupiter home to celebrate, spend time with relatives, and enjoy the holiday. Of the 17 family members in the house, one was 35-year-old Paul Michael Merhige. The day appeared to be going fine, until the evening hours.

Cops say at some point, Merhige excused himself and walked out to his 2007 Toyota Camry. When he returned, they say he opened fire on his unsuspecting family.

Cops tell America's Most Wanted that Merhige targeted his twin sisters.

After shooting them, cops say he turned his attention to a 76-year-old aunt before his final act of cowardice.

Witnesses told cops that Merhige then shot and killed his final victim, a 6-year-old girl.

When the carnage was done, Carla Merhige and her twin sister Lisa Knight lay dead, along with Merhige's aunt, Raymonde Joseph, and his six-year-old cousin, Makayla Sitton.

Cops say Merhige then fled in his car which has not been found.