Donate breast milk to malnourished infants

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - There may be no need as fundamental as the hunger of an infant; yet, in very poor places, mothers are often so malnourished, they can do little to help their children.

That's where an unusual program comes to the rescue calling on nursing mothers far away to give of themselves.

Nicole McGukin has donated more than 1,000 ounces of breast milk to malnourished infants in South Africa since her 16-month-old daughter, Ella, was born.

She does so through an organization called "Breast milk is the healthiest for babies," said McGukin. "It has the mother's natural antibodies, and you pass along your immunities to the baby, so especially to the babies who are born in these critical situations."

McGukin says this has been the most rewarding and gratifying volunteerism she's ever done.