Standoff with deputy ends peacefully

By Chuck Weber

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX)-A nearly seven hour stand-off at a deputy's home in The Acreage, ended Tuesday afternoon, with no one hurt.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said the deputy had heated exchanges with his wife, who's also a deputy. Bradshaw said there was no violence.

After the wife and two children left the home, and other deputies began arriving, Bradshaw said the deputy in the home threatened to hurt himself.

Dozens of deputies swarmed the neighborhood in response. Hours later Sheriff Bradshaw announced members of the Strategic Response Team had carefully, quietly, entered the deputy's home.

They found the deputy asleep, the Sheriff said likely because of the alcohol he'd consumed.

We've learned the deputy is Gary Giannotti, who is a detective with the Sheriff's Office. He was taken to a mental health facility. Detective Gianotti's wife, Erin, is also a detective with the same agency.

Sheriff Bradshaw said he was relieved at the outcome. He said, "The good part about it is here nobody got hurt. The wife's not hurt. The kids are not hurt. Neighbors not hurt. And he's not hurt. We can work everything else out."

Bradshaw also said the incident showed law officers are human too. "Anytime you get alcohol involved and you get the holidays involved, it doesn't matter if it's a law enforcement officer," said Bradshaw. "It doesn't really matter. People are people."

The Sheriff says he won't rule out charges against the deputy, but for now he's getting help.

The Sheriff, others in the department, and Giannotti's neighbors told us they had always held the deputy in high regard.