Interactive crime fighting

WEST PALM BEACH - Just pick up the phone, snap a picture of a problem and call or e-mail it in. It's part of new efforts by cities to engage their citizens. One way is through It's a website where you take a picture of a problem in your city, like a pothole or traffic signal malfunction, then write a complaint, and e-mail it. The website is nationwide, wherever you live. Or the city of West Palm Beach has a local hotline: 561-822-2222. It basically does the same thing The idea behind both: have more eyes on the streets. West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel says, "If it's something we can't take care of we won't, but we would rather know about it and try to fix it." Resident, Brittany Johnston, says, "It gives them an insight into what is going on as far as people that are driving around and the people in the offices can't see." The website and the hotline are free.

For local numbers to call and report a problem:

WEST PALM BEACH: 561-822-2222

PORT ST. LUCIE: Litter Hotline:772-871-7000 or call Public Works: 772-871-5100

ST. LUCIE COUNTY: General Information Line: 772-462-1100

MARTIN COUNTY: Emergency Hotline: 772-287-1652

STUART: General Information Line: 772-288-5300