19-year old man accused of killing baby

By Chuck Weber

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX)-Police have accused a Boca Raton man of killing his girlfriend's baby. 19-year old Carlos Rivera faces charges of first degree murder and child abuse.

It was Rivera himself who called 911 from a home on Hardwood Place, in the Windwood development. He reported his girlfriend's 12-month old son, Christiano Belle-Felix, had turned blue and was not breathing.

"He hit his head yesterday or the day before," Rivera told the 911 operator. "He has a black eye. He hit his head really bad. But he was fine yesterday. And this morning, he was fine."

The dispatcher guided Rivera and his mother through CPR. The arrest report says when the first police officer arrived, the baby was limp. Police say medics found a pulse. But the next day, Christiano died at the hospital, one day before his first birthday.

The Medical Examiner's report lists a depressed skull fracture, retinal hemorrhaging, a fractured or dislocated right elbow, and bruising over several areas of Christiano's body.

The arrest report says Rivera maintained he left Christiano in his play pen, and when he returned the boy was lying on the floor.

To the baby's mother, the report says,"Rivera claimed that he panicked and kicked the baby in the stomach to see if he was ok. He told her the baby appeared to snap out of it and he put him back into the play pen."

"Oh my gosh, this is terrible," reacted Bob Grenadier, whose daughter lives in Windwood. Several neighbors also told us the news upset them as well.

The arrest report indicates Christiano also went to the hospital in late November, with a bruised face. Boca Raton Police spokesman Mark Economou said the baby, his mother, and Rivera, had all lived with Rivera's mother. Economou said the baby's mother has just moved elsewhere.