AMW Tipster Brings Down Thanksgiving Day Killer

From America's Most Wanted

On January 2nd, AMW recieved a tip to the hotline describing a man fitting the description of Paul Merhige who was staying at a hotel in Long Key, Fla.

The tipster had seen coverage on the Merhige story, and that he was being profiled on AMW. She was certain she'd seen him earlier that evening at the hotel.
A car resembling the Toyota Camry Merhige was believed to be driving was identified by the tipster, in the parking lot of the hotel underneath a car cover. 
She called the hotline with this information, including the license plate number on the vehicle. Authorities ran the plates and found that they did not match the vehicle, but the plates had previously been registered to Merhige's father's car. 
Based on the information received in the tip, cops believed they had enough information to move in on their target. 
Upon arriving to the hotel, police saw lights on in the room they believed Merhige to be staying in. Despite having barricaded himself in the room, the team of Marshals and Jupiter police busted through and quickly took Merhige into custody. 
Merhige was taken by surprise, and was quickly subdued by authorities. 
Authorities say that Merhige had checked into the hotel under a false name in early December, and had pre-paid with cash for two weeks. 
"It's a huge relief he's off the streets," stated Det. Eric Frank of the Jupiter Police Department. Adding, "this capture is proof positive AMW works."