Las Vegas shooting captured on cell phone

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

LAS VEGAS (WFLX) - A failed lawsuit over Social Security benefits may have turned a 66-year-old man into a killer. The gunman was shot to death after opening fire and striking two inside a Las Vegas federal building.

Las Vegas authorities say the alleged shooter, Johnny Lee Wicks, walked into a federal building and opened fire killing a security guard and wounding a U.S. Marshall. The suspect was then killed attempting to flee the scene.

"It looks like seven marshals and security officers returned fire on him. The shootout started in the main foyer entryway into the courthouse. It spilled out into the front area and over into Las Vegas Boulevard," said one witness.

Reports indicate say the retiree was upset over losing a lawsuit related to his Social Security benefits.

The attack, possibly, some type of revenge.

"All of sudden, it looked like a sea of people coming out crying, screaming and yelling," reported witness Douglas Clark. "They looked terrified. That's what terrified me. I thought I was going to get shot. "

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has an office in the building, says one of his aides was in the the atrium when the shooting began, crouching behind a pillar, in fear of her life.

Authorities are also were investigating the cause of a fire that damaged the suspect's modest one-bedroom apartment in a seniors complex three miles from the scene of the shootings.