Rats! Cold driving them into homes

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

WEST PALM BEACH--Rodents are trying to flee the cold and they are looking at your home as a nice place to stay warm during our freezing temperatures.

In Tampa rats have infested an apartment building there.

Residents have noticed holes in screens and droppings inside their homes.

Locally, Truly Nolen Pest Control says they have seen a remarkable increase in calls during our lasting dip in degrees where people are seeing rats making themselves right at home.

Typically rodents will get through screens, holes in walls, or garages where there is even a slight opening at the bottom.

"It's 30 degrees outside. Where would you want to be, Inside or outside? They are getting up in people's attics, nesting and it's becoming a real problem," said Harry Cardosi of Truly Nolen.

Cardosi says rats can even get in through the small holes your electrical or cable wires come into the house.

"They do a lot of damage. Not just droppings, but electrical damage, plumbing, chewing up all the wires, all of that," added Cardosi.

If you can't afford a pest control company, traps and poison are good ways to get the nuisance critters out.

But be careful if you have pets or small children at home.