Obama accepts blame for security lapses

By Al Pefley  email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - President Obama is taking some of the blame for security lapses that led to the Christmas day bomb attack on a commercial airliner in Detroit. Thursday, Obama said the "buck stops with me" and said the government had the information that might have prevented the attack, but they failed to piece it together.

He announced several changes, including new terrorist watch-list guidelines, faster distribution and sharing of intelligence reports and more thorough analysis of those reports.

Most airline passengers we spoke with at Palm Beach International Airport seem skeptical these changes will make air travel safer.

"They are changes that should've been made long before this. So you're not impressed? Not!" said a female passenger who declined to give her name.

"I don't think he's talking truth.  He hasn't been all along. He hasn't been doing anything that he, uh, campaigned to do," said Joe Calabrese,  a passenger from Long Island.

"I suppose it's not really totally up to him (Obama).  It goes down the chain and it depends on what the bureaucracy is gonna end up doing with the information, as they say connecting the dots and all the other proverbial stuff," said Bob Kesner, a passenger from Vermont.

These latest guidelines so far have not translated into any tougher security at the airport. We didn't notice any visible changes at PBIA Thursday night, and one passenger who flew in from JFK said it appeared to be business as usual there also.