Snow in South Florida?

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

MIAMI (AP) - Florida is getting ready for another cold blast and chilly rain. Residents in the Central part of the state reported seeing snow flurries and sleet early Saturday morning.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service in Melbourne say sleet was reported in Brevard and Volusia Counties along with a mixture of rain.

Naples had a few snow flurries. Temperatures will reach the mid 40s Saturday with the wind chill making it feel like the lower 30s.

It hasn't snowed in South Florida for three decades. We talked to people who witnessed the snowfall. Some are hoping for a repeat performance this weekend.

"Having never seen the snow before, it was a surreal experience at the time," said Mark Elhilow.

He was a lot smaller then, only 9 years old, in fact, Elhilow has his memories and as chairman of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County. He shared some newspaper clippings of the last time it snowed in the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.

The day was Wednesday, January 19, 1977.

It was morning when his mother noticed flakes falling by the palm trees in West Palm. "She walked outside with a black coat. I specifically remember that black coat because when she went outside and spun in the yard, the snow was accumulating on her black coat and on the windshield wiper of the car."

It was just a dusting that covered cars and fences; however, there was lots of ice. The whole event just lasting a couple of hours, but it was big news the next day in all of the area dailies. Headlines reading: "Snow, snow, snow, snow" and "The day it snowed in Palm Beach".

"First time I had seen snow, very kids dream." Jim Wethington was 7 when he witnessed flakes falling in Stuart. He's moved up to Port Saint Lucie where he's still holding on to his Christmas decorations in case it snows this weekend. His son, Noah, is 7, too, and he's hoping to make a real snow man. "I want him to see it this time. With the parallel of him being 7, too, it's once in a lifetime thing to happen."

Wethington says if he hears of snow in Central Florida early in the morning, he is going to pile up his kids and his wife in the vehicle and drive north until he sees it.

Of course, he's just hoping that "snow/rain" line comes a little further south.