Dispatch call released of Tiger Woods' accident

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

ORANGE COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - More than a month after the accident that helped unveil trouble in Tiger Woods' personal life, the Orange County Sheriff's Office releasing recordings from that night.

Dispatcher: "Be advised the vehicle hit the pole. The person's on the ground."

On the early morning of November 27, a dispatcher gave the code for a vehicle accident and said it was a vehicle verses a pole in the Isleworth Subdivision.

Little is said during the nearly four-minute recording other than the sheriff's dispatcher alerting Florida Highway Patrol of the situation.

Dispatcher: "Reference to the accident at 6342 Deacon Circle. Be advised the subject's being transported to Health Central."

What isn't mentioned during the whole recording is the extent of Wood's injuries. There still hasn't been a public sighting of Wood's since the night of that crash.

Meanwhile, the golfing great is continuing to build his mansion on Jupiter Island designed by his wife. That's according to our partners at the Palm Beach Post.

His home there is a sprawling 9,000 square feet. Woods paid more than $44 million for the 12 acre plot of land. He has already shelled out more than $487,000 in property taxes this year.