S. FL cops suspended for protecting Rothstein

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (WFLX) - We're learning two South Florida cops have just been punished for allegedly helping Scott Rothstein. They were paid to protect him while they were off duty.

The Fort Lauderdale officers are Sgt. Steve Greenlaw and Officer DeAnna Garcia-Lemieux. Right now, they're under administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

Police say they got paid for off duty work providing security detail at Rothstein's home and his Boca Prime restaurants.

The department calls this a violation of policy.

Police officers can't act as personal bodyguards. They were hired for security detail after someone at Rothstein's firm was murdered. They also were in charge of scheduling other officers' to protect Rothstein and were each paid 5.5 percent of the overall detailed amount.

Meanwhile, Rothstein's set to plead guilty to charges that he bilked investors out of nearly $1 billion.

He originally pleaded not guilty back in December, but it's said his lawyer's are currently working on a plea agreement, so Rothstein can receive a lighter sentence.