Deerfield boy's account of being burned by teens

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL (WFLX) - New information on Michael Brewer the 15-year-old Deerfield Beach boy who was deliberately burned by other teens.

Prosecutors just released Michael's account of that attack.

According to the new court documents, Brewer knew he was in danger before four teens carried their attack, but, he said, he was surprised when the rubbing alcohol was splashed against his back moments before being set on fire.

Brewer, while recovering at a Miami hospital, spent a half-hour with investigators just before Thanksgiving.

Brewer told investigators one of his teen attackers previously threatened him.

When it happened, he said he hopped over a fence and jumped into a nearby pool at the apartment complex.

Here's an expert of his sworn statement given to authorities:

Brewer: "He said no one's going to hurt you."
Detective: "What's your first memory after that?"
Brewer: "Just cold stuff all over and my clothes, and all of a sudden stuff burning."

With burns covering about 65 percent of his body, Brewer still faces a long recovery.

Prosecutors have charged three of the teens as adults with second-degree attempted murder in connection to the attack.