How you can help Haiti

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - Just hours after the first reports of devastation, volunteers were on the phone Tuesday night seeking for help.

True Tabernacle Of Jesus Christ Ministries in Lake Worth set up a phone bank. The Haitian-Americans called around trying to round up money, clothes, food and other supplies needed for what could be a monumental task, trying to help re-build the impoverished country demolished by an earthquake.

"We are going to spend the night here if we have to. We we will reach out to anyone who can help us," said senior pastor Reverend Lenese Naval.

The volunteers all have family members in Haiti.

In fact many church-goers have flown to the island nation to help build schools, homes and feed countless families in the past.

Naval has yet to reach her sister and brothers as most landlines to the nation have been severely damaged.

"It is going to be catastrophic," she added.

Genevieve Marks of Port Saint Lucie tried to reach family members too all day to no avail.

She is praying loved ones are ok, despite the mounting pile of debris and bad news.

"All the houses there are built close together. Homes are on top of homes. People are barricaded and trapped in their houses," said Marks.

If you would like to help True Tabernacle Of Jesus Christ Ministries call 561-935-9780. You can also make online donations at