Child receives possible permanent damage from school bully

By Tara Cardoso - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - An 11-year-old boy is beat up at school. His mother says he may have permanent damage, and she wants to know why the child who did it is still at school.

The school wanted to address bullying concerns, and Tuesday night, they received an earful.

The mother of the sixth grader, whose son was attacked, says she's hired an attorney, and plans to sue.

Eleven-year-old Michael Kalisz says he was walking from band when he was blind-sighted. "I don't remember anything"

His mother, Deborah Kalisz, says he's now suffering from hearing loss and possibly permanent damage. She says she was assured the school is safe. But, she says, her son feels anything but safe.

The same child punched another kids in class and that child is back on campus again.

Michael says to make matters worse, he's scared to go to the bathroom at school. He says that's where fights take place. "They take other kids' money."

Deborah Kalisz wants to know why the alleged attacker hasn't been expelled. "All I get is: 'Trust me, we're handling it.' And so do other parents."

There's issues here of assault and battery -- no longer about bullying. Parents at a school meeting about bullying spoke of an "ambiance of fear" on campus.

They want to know what's going to change to make their kids feel better.

Principal Jerry Riopelle reassured everyone his campus is safe and the school is monitoring the halls with hall monitors, teachers and cameras. "I hear their concerns, and I'm going to discuss with my staff and superiors to see if there are any adjustments we can make."

A bullying hotline has been set up, and kids can also leave anonymous notes in a "bullying box".

As far as Michael's specific case, the school tell us it can't comment about pending litigation.

We also asked about the policy for expelling students. We are told each student is evaluated on an individual basis.