Joyriding kid to be on Comedy Central

By Al Pefley - bioemail

West Palm Beach, FL  (WFLX) - A little Riviera Beach boy who made headlines when he went for a joyride in his grandmother's SUV is set to appear on national television.

LaTarian Milton, 9, and his grandmother Vikkita Stratford left Palm Beach International Thursday  morning and flew to Los Angeles to tape a show on the Comedy Central cable channel.

LaTarian, a third grader at Grove Park Elementary,  has never been to L.A. before.

In April 2008, when LaTarian was 7,  he went for an short joyride in his grandmother's SUV in Palm Beach Gardens, knocked over two mailboxes and hit several cars before coming to a stop. He did about $11,000 damage to the SUV but he was not hurt. Before boarding the plane,  LaTarian told us he's excited about his cable TV debut.

"I feel great, and I'll be nervous a little bit. How are you gonna overcome the nervousness? When I do it, I'm gonna be nervous, but then it's just gonna all go away," he said.  "I could have a lot of fun and I could do a movie and do all kinds of things," he added.

His grandmother says she too has been invited to be on Comedy Central with her grandson.  She hopes this will lead to an acting career for LaTarian.   "I feel pretty good. It's a new year.  It's something positive for my grandson and the Lord willing, hopefully something good will come out of this," Stratford said.