Supplies running low in Haiti

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - More help is on the way to Haiti from the United States as survivors are pulled from the rubble nearly a week after the quake.

Thousands of injured and hungry Haitians are waiting for aid nearly a week into the crisis. Many are living in makeshift camps in filthy conditions with little food and water.

Yet, another aftershock shook Port au Prince Sunday, as people inside the paralyzed city are looking for any help they can get, supplies are running out.

More U.S. troops are expected to hit the ground coming to Haiti's rescue. With 2,000 on their way, with a goal of having 10,000 U.S. service members, streets piled with debris have slowed down the relief efforts.

And with bands of machete-wielding young men roaming the streets, security concerns are heightening.

"We all want to go back our homes very much, but we don't have money, so we cannot go back home," says one Haitian man.

A supermarket sweep, more than 100 hours after the quake's tremors, two people are pulled from the rubble of a downtown shopping center. "Right now, she's stable. She's talking to them having a discussion," said a witness. "They're asking her questions. She's responding; she's with it. So, she's in very good shape for somebody who's been basically trapped for five days."

The U.N. says dozens have been found alive since the relief effort began, but death and mourning is all around. Tens of thousands are believed to be dead, but health organizations say an exact number won't be known for weeks -- if ever.

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