Research says: "I like big butts" too

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - Here's some welcome research: A big behind is good for you! New research out of Harvard says the bigger you are back there, the better you feel.

The butts on women, the size of it, could be fighting off diseases, like diabetes, by helping the body better regulate insulin.

"It is better for your health, but what it's proving, it's the subcutaneous cells. These fat cells are different than the adcutaneous fat cells in their ability to have beneficial effects," said Dr. Macklin.

Dr. Macklin says it's better to have weight on the butt instead of the gut, and men agree.

But, instead of how good some men may say it looks, researchers say, the fat around the hips, thighs and buttocks is good. That spare tire could lead to a higher increase of heart disease.

Women we talked to say they're not thinking about it; it's just in their DNA. "I feel healthier, and I'm that size," said one woman.

"If you have a thin waist and big butt, I don't see how you can't complain about it," another added.

Doctors say the results should make a lot of women feel good about their size. They also hope it doesn't tempt other women to undergo buttock enhancements, because the health benefits won't be the same.