Lynn University: Parents refusing to give up hope

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - "If you don't notice, we're all holding each other up," said Cherlyann Gengal. Her daughter, Britney, is among the missing.

Parents of missing Lynn University students are refusing to give up hope. The group speaking out exactly one week since the quake hit Haiti -- toppling their children's hotel.

Four students and two faculty members are still missing. Their loved ones are asking Americans to contact their congressmen to help get their children home.

Every night candles are lit by the entrance on the Lynn University campus until all six come home. Earlier Tuesday evening, relatives of the missing told reporters they heard firsthand accounts from the rescue crew combing thru the rubble.

In a conference call, facilitated by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, parents learned eight teams are currently working on the site including an American one. They have 50 men working around the clock, but still no sign of the four Lynn students and two professors yet.

They will continue working on search and rescue mode until the government of Haiti turns into a recovery.

Parents say they have this request. "That all Americans come home alive or dead, not buried in Haiti. We need that closure. We're not giving up, but time is of the essence," Cherlyann Gengal continued.

"That's why we have so much hope because they were so incredibly hopeful. That's why were staying strong," said Matthew Sears. His girlfriend, Courtney Hayes, is missing, too.

The family of Courtney Hayes has been in the Dominican Republic all this time looking to see if any of the student sought refuge in that neighboring country.