Twenty-six Haitian children adopted

By Peter Shaller - email
Posted By Rachel Leigh - email

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) - "Our family's complete, and it's just a whole new chapter," said Amy Yunker.

Many Haitian children have new homes in the U.S. Their adoptions expedited by the devastating earthquake that hit one week ago.

They left their ravaged country just 24 hours ago landing on a flight in Fort Pierce Tuesday night. Now, 26 Haitian orphans are home.

Three Angels Orphanage in Haiti is still standing, but we're told everything nearby crumbled. "The earth was shaking. The houses were falling," recalled 8-year-old Reese.

For the Yunker family, the earthquake has sped up their adoption process. "They come and get me," Resse continued.

"To see the bright smile on his face was just so reassuring after all that he's been through," said Amy.

The family says getting him to the U.S. has taken two and half years, but this tragedy has changed the game for little Reese and the 25 other children in the orphanage. Now, all are with their new adopted families.

A 2-year-old little girl is another survivor in more ways than one. "Her mother dropped her off at the orphanage, and said, 'If after three weeks you don't take her, I'm going to let her die because I can't afford to feed her.'"

The orphanage's director says their building has been declared unsafe, and the future of their mission is unclear. "So, we don't know if we can do what we want, we have a dream, and we hope that dream comes true."

Back to the Yunker's, toward the end of our interview, we asked whether Reese's birth mother survived the quake. It's been such whirlwind 24 hours that this new family hadn't even had a chance to talk about it.

"Jimmy said that she's ok," said Reese.

"And your brothers and sisters?," Amy asked Reese. He nods his head yes. "Ahhh, thank God!"

A brand new start for these Haitian children walking through these doors with their new American families. Now, a world away from the country they left in turmoil.