Parents begging for more help finding missing daughters

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - Day nine and still no sign of four students and two professors from Lynn University. The parents of the students, sending out emotional pleas, are begging for more help to find them.

The parents of Courtney Hayes spent several days in the Dominican Republic going to the Embassy and hospitals trying to see if their daughter and the other missing students and faculty from Lynn made it there from Haiti.

While it's been over a week since the earthquake, they believe, something can be done right now to find them alive.

Angie and Franklin Hayes believe it is that determination that will shelter their daughter Courtney Hayes from death.

But these parents, just back to the U.S. after spending days in the Dominican Republic trying to get to her, say time may be running out unless a major military excavation crew is sent to the Hotel Montana.

That's where Hayes, three other students and two professors from Lynn University were trapped after the earthquake ravaged the building they were in.

There could be 100 people or more somewhere in the rubble. The Hayes have learned from crews on the ground there is a crawl space on the first and second floors.

Courtney was in room 212. Several Latin-American crews, including ones paid for by Lynn University, are now working around the clock at the hotel site.

But the Hayes say a crew actually got one of those snake cameras that can move in through the rubble. They also need, at this point, a huge excavator to start lifting up the heavier pieces.