Embassy Employee Helped Lynn Students

By Al Pefley  email

Boynton Beach, FL (WFLX)

A Boynton Beach woman working in Haiti at the time of the earthquake  acted as sort of a mother to the Lynn students who survived the disaster.

Angela Chainer,  a former police officer who works at the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, was at the Hotel Montana when it collapsed January 12.

She suffered a fractured hip and cuts.

In the chaotic aftermath, she took the group of eight  Lynn students to a grassy hillside near the hotel, where she felt they would be safe as darkness fell on the city.

"I think there was a terror in the reality that we all found ourselves in. Aftershocks were frequent and frightening.  I think what I tried to press with everything I told them is they were stronger than they ever knew they were.  They were stronger than they ever knew they could be," Chainer said.

"Our goal was to stay healthy, stay on our feet, help people along the way and then get to a point so that we can tell first responders and rescuers where the problems are," she said.

About 20 hours after the earthquake struck, she got them safely through the rubble to the U.S. Embassy.

She says it gives her satisfaction knowing she was able to help.

"It's joyful, it gives me goose bumps.  I know that each and every one of these kids are meant to do very good things with their lives.  That's why things happen the way they do," Chainer said.