Wellington man accused of killing family in court

Neal Jacobson
Neal Jacobson
Josh and Eric
Josh and Eric
Franki Jacobson
Franki Jacobson

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

WELLINGTON, FL (WFLX) - The man who confessed to gunning down his wife and twin sons in Palm Beach County is expected to make his first court appearance.

Update, TUE 9 AM: A sheriff's office spokeswoman says Neal Jacobson will appear before a judge Tuesday.

The 49-year-old Jacobson missed his scheduled appearance on Sunday since he was hospitalized from injuries sustained in a car crash.

Jacobson confessed to authorities to killing his wife and sons, who were to celebrate their seventh birthday on Saturday when their bodies were found in their Wellington home.

Update, MON 10 AM: Monday morning Neal Jacobson is still at Delray Medical Center. He reportedly took 10 Xanax following the murders of his wife and twin sons, and crashed his SUV.

It was after the crash Saturday, Jacobson, allegedly, told paramedics he killed his wife, Franki, and his twin sons, Josh and Eric. They day they died was also their birthday.

Police found a gun in his car, and he was covered in blood. Investigators say Jacobson also took the Xanax in - what appeared to be - an attempt to kill himself.

We spoke with some of his neighbors who tell us he was distraught over the recent death of a friend and money troubles. "I had no idea how he was paying for his house. His wife wasn't working, so I assumed it was family money or someone was helping him out," said one neighbor.

Jacobson moved to Wellington in 2007 from New Jersey to take care of his sick father. His father has since died.

Jacobson was a successful mortgage broker in Jersey. Our partners at the Palm Beach Post report he lost a lot of money recently in bad investments.

While Jacobson remains on a 24 hour watch at Delray Medical Center, grief counselors will be at Binks Forest Elementary school Monday to help friends cope with the loss of Josh and Eric.

Previously: The father, a former mortgage broker and board member of the Jewish Community Center. His wife, an aspiring children's book author. Their twin boys planned on having a party for their 7th birthday Saturday. The picture perfect family lived in a giant home in a neighborhood where people drive nice cars. But behind closed doors, it can be a different story.

"The loveliest people, loving and the loveliest people," said Dr. Henry Katz, a family friend.

Early Saturday morning, deputies say 49-year-old Neal Jacobson, went on a killing spree. His wife, Franki, and their twin sons, Josh and Eric, shot and killed in their home on South Sea Court. The twins just turned 7 years old this week.

Dr. Katz said, "If they told me he was father of the year, I would have believed them. It's overwhelming."

It all started when a Jacobson crashed his SUV shortly after 7 Saturday morning on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. With bloody hands and ammunition sitting next to him, authorities say, he confessed to the unthinkable.

A spokesman with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office said, "The subject told paramedics he had killed his family."

Deputies raced to the home and found the mom and the two children dead inside.

Linda Katz said, "Something snapped, maybe the pressures of the economy, something caused Neil to snap."

Dr. Katz said, "I know he was always into grandiose financial transactions such as mining gold in China."

Now, these crime scene investigators and family friends are united, all set on answering the one big question: Why?

Investigators believe Jacobson also tried to take this own life. Reports show that he admitted to taking ten Xanax pills. He was first taken to Delray Medical Center with injuries from the crash. According to data from the sheriff's office, he was booked at 5:30 Saturday evening for the murders.