Agency Offers Help to Toddlers that Almost Drowned

By Al Pefley   email

West Palm Beach, FL (WFLX)

New developments in a near -drowning last month that almost claimed the lives of three toddlers in Delray Beach.

A local agency plans to offer free swimming lessons to those three kids, in hopes of preventing another tragedy like this.

A backyard pool on Dorson Way in Delray Beach could've been the seen of a deadly holiday disaster last month. Three toddlers somehow got out of a house next door, and tumbled into a neighbor's pool.

A two-year old and two three-year olds.

A neighbor ran over and did CPR. all three kids survived and they're all now out of the hospital.

The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County plans to offer those toddlers vouchers for free swim lessons.  "I think that had they received swimming lessons they probably would've been able to get to the side of the pool to save themselves.  We also want them to be able to survive if they were to ever fall in the water again," said Anna Stewart with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County.

Stewart says the agency has not been in touch yet with the toddlers' parents to offer them the lessons.

If they agree to do it, the toddlers could begin swim lessons in mid-March.