Goggles heat up Town Center Mall murder investigation

By Eric Roby - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - After two years, new leads are coming into the Boca Raton Police Department after they made the surprise move and admitted they needed help with a key piece of evidence.

Cheap Harley Davidson knock-off googles made in China, found online, are similiar goggles used in the Boca Town Center Mall murders.

This information have brought, so far, 40 tips into the Boca Raton Police Department. "Some of the tips have been very good, and that's the reason we revealed the photos of this evidence was to generate tips," said Officer Sandra Booneberg.

Investigators say it could help them track down who put the goggles on Nancy and Joey Bocicchio, and, then, shot them in the head. "If you can narrow it down, where they were sold and a time frame, then you might theoretically get a suspect."

While it is true the new leads are bringing new life into the investigation, a marketing specialist, familiar with the goggles, says tracking down the goggles used in the murder could be very difficult.

"These goggles get knocked off by so many factories overseas. Some factories may change them a little bit. It's going to be a toughy to find out where they are from," said David Presland, SpiritsAdventureWear.com.

But as tips are followed up on, investigators are glad the trail, leading to the killer, is getting warmer instead of colder. "It's a positive step in the right direction, and that is what we are looking for," said Booneberg.

Fox's America's Most Wanted recently featured the Boca Town Center Mall Murders. Investigators hope the more attention they can bring to this case, the sooner they will be able to make an arrest.