WPB construction company hiring 500 for Haiti project

By John Bachman - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The earthquake in Haiti provides job opportunities for people in our area.

A West Palm Beach construction company is looking to add 500 employees as part of a rebuilding plan in Haiti. The work will be tough and in terrible conditions, but that's not stopping applicants from filling the lobby at Bergeron Land Development and the parking lot, too.

There are 500 jobs up for grabs. "I think we've taken in 3,000 applications since we put the ad in," said company owner JR Bergeron.

His plan is to take all of the new employees down to Haiti to some of the hardest hit areas.

And when you ask about what the work and conditions will be like, he's very frank. "You would to expect to work daylight to dark everyday and get three meals a day and live in a small marine style bunk on a barge that sleeps 400."

Gary Grinkiewicz is one of the people in the lobby applying with his wife Lisa's full support. "I did some clean up in Texas and La this last hurricane, and I'm looking to help out and do some clean up over there," said Grinkiewicz.

Gary's story is like most of the applicants here. A construction worker by trade, he's been out of work for awhile. He says this is his best opportunity to find a job, even if it is an a earthquake ravaged country hundreds of miles away.

The plan is to rebuild schools, hospitals, and orphanages, but for the plan to be a true success, Bergeron says, he'll need funding help from international aid organizations.

Bergeron admits this a huge challenge, but it's one he's ready to meet. "I love to go help. I love to see a team come together and reach a goal. I love that," Bergeron says.

To apply e-mail: margie@bergeron-inc.com or fax to (954) 680-6750.