Boynton Police: Man reports fake crime to get ride

By Chuck Weber - bio | email

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Police say a man called 911, reporting a fake crime in order to get a ride from police. He got a ride alright -- a ride to jail!

Monday Boynton Beach Police arrested Jose Armando Rodrigues, charging him with abusing the 911 system and making a false crime report.

In the call to 911, Rodrigues can be heard speaking in Spanish. Through a translator, he said, "There were some people that wanted to kill me, and so I just got in the car."

Rodrigues told the 911 operator he managed to jump out of the car, and was on foot along I-95. Asked if he saw his attackers, Rodrigues said they covered his head.

Did they take money? Rodrigues said no. And more than once, Rodrigues asked if anyone were coming to help him.

When officers finally located Rodrigues on 95, the arrest report says Rodrigues again claimed to be a kidnapping victim. "Two males put a hood over my head and tied a rope to my hand," he said.

But over on the other side of the highway, officers noticed a car had broken down. The driver of that car told police his passenger was Armando Rodrigues. The driver said Rodrigues got tired of waiting for a ride and walked away.

When confronted, according to the arrest report, Rodrigues admitted no crime occurred. "I just want a ride to Miami and figured you would give me one," the report quotes Rodrigues.

Rodrigues faces two misdemeanor counts. He was still in the Palm Beach County Jail late Monday afternoon.