Judge rules for quadriplegic

By Chuck Weber

WEST PALM BEACH,FL (WFLX)-A judge has ruled in favor of a woman left a quadriplegic, after her ex-husband hired hit men to kill her.

Ron Samuels was convicted of the crime in 2006, but now the issue is getting him to pay the restitution the judge ordered.

In January the victim of the shooting, Heather Grossman, testified by a TV link from Arizona, where she now lives. She said she is still on life support and requires nursing care 24 hours a day. Grossman also said she had yet to receive any restitution from Samuels.

As well as sentencing Samuels to life in prison, Judge Lucy Chernow Brown also ordered him to pay more than $300,000 in restitution, to help pay for Heather's medical expenses.

That money could come from a life insurance policy Samuels took out on Heather. But Samuels transferred the policy to a trust, headed by one of Samuels' best friends.

In her ruling Thursday, Judge Brown wrote Samuels "has been intentionally circumventing the Court's orders regarding restitution." She ordered him to turn over the life insurance policy within seven days.

We contacted Samuels' lawyer, but he has not returned our calls.