Fans need luck to get to big game

For many fans, going to the super bowl Sunday will involve some luck.

Not only do you have to be lucky enough to have a ticket to the big game, but because of the snowstorm in other parts of the nation, you've got to be lucky enough just to get here.

A number of flights into Palm Beach International today on Jet Blue, Southwest and U.S. Airways have been canceled, from cities such as Washington D-C, Baltimore and Philadelphia.  

"We got out at 10 from Washington this morning and we feel very lucky, thought we might miss the game." said Adam Magnus, Super Bowl fan from Washington DC.

"We actually got real lucky. There's a snow storm hitting Indy right now. It was perfect when we left. But they're shutting the schools down and everything. So we got out right in time," said Matt Lutz, Super Bowl fan from Indianapolis.

What happens if you have tickets to the Super Bowl but your flight is canceled due to the blizzard and you can't get to Florida? A Super Bowl spokesperson says, unfortunately, you're not eligible for a refund on the tickets.