Toyota offers house calls to fix brakes

Tough times for Toyota, as they've recalled more than 2 million cars and trucks due to a gas pedal that can stick and cause the car to accelerate unexpectedly.

One dealer in our area says some customers are so nervous about driving their car.. that they don't even want to bring it in for fear they might have an accident on the way to the dealership.

As a result, Earl Stewart Toyota of North Palm Beach is making house calls -- sending a mechanic to the car owner's home. One elderly Jupiter man says his wife and children don't want him driving the car due to the defective gas pedal.

"At 86 years of age, I'm not what I used to be so they just don't want me to be in any circumstance that's gonna be testing me, okay?    It wasn't me so much. I think it was my wife and kids that had feelings about me driving if there's any question," said Toyota owner Mike Burg.

Since the middle of last week, Earl Stewart Toyota has done more than a dozen house calls to fix the defective gas pedals, and has more housecalls scheduled for this week.