Growing shark fears along S. FL coast

By Peter Schaller - email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

HOBE SOUND, FL (WFLX) - New information about growing shark fears in our area. First, it was a deadly shark attack off Stuart beach. Then, days later, another local man was bitten. We've learned where you're most likely to see the most sharks right now.

One local shark expert says it'll all be over soon, but, for now, we're left with a lot of sharks, like the spinner, caught this weekend off our coast. "And you know there's larger fish feeding on those fish, and there are sharks even if you don't see them," said Dr. Gary Goss.

Sharks spend the winter here, experts say, in the next four to six weeks, they'll be out of our area. For now, they're following their food on the move.

As we wait for them to leave, you need to know, Hobe Sound is where you'll find the most sharks.