Screen Builders offers 3 ways to help you relax and enjoy this Season

It's Season!

Screen Builders offers three ways to help you relax and enjoy this Season.

Yes, finally "Season" has arrived! The weather is crisper; the AC is turned off, the windows and sliders are open, and we are overcome by the urge to get outside. It must be Season in Florida.

Unfortunately, between the frenzy of over-extended schedules, concerns over money, and the arrival of out-of-town family and friends, sometimes the beauty of Florida's Season gets lost to anxiety. But you CAN turn this Season into a time of health, family and cherished quality time. How?

Screen Builders offers three ways to help you relax and enjoy this Season:

Open the Doors to Healthier Living
People spend as much as 90% of their lives inside. But did you know the quality of your indoor air can cause many health related risks. Screen Builders' decorative and retractable screen doors let the fresh air in replacing the recirculation of your existing indoor air and many of its potential pollutants adding charm and a grand entrance to your home.

Reconnect Over Dinner Out
Nothing adds more ambiance to a meal than taking the gathering outside. Proven benefits of gathering family around the table include improved meal etiquette, better grades, and money savings. Screen Builders pool and patio enclosures allow you to enjoy outdoor dining or entertaining uninterrupted by insects and pest.

Welcome Out-of-Town Guest
Florida ranks among the top five US destination spots so it's no wonder you'll have your share of guests. Screen Builders' Florida Sun Rooms can turn your under-utilized patio into an additional guest room at a fraction of the cost and time of building an addition.