Where is Your Sun Screen?

Where's Your Sun Screen?

Let Screen Builders Help with Your Sun Protection

Floridians by nature are outdoors enthusiasts. While our northern family and friends bunker down for six months of the year, we continue to enjoy our outdoor lifestyle all year long. That's why sun savvy is so important.

Living in south Florida we know the sun's UV rays are more powerful and everyone needs to use sunscreen to be protected. But did you realize the sun's rays penetrate the windows of your home increasing your air conditioning bills, fading your carpets, wood floors and furniture fabrics.

Screen Builders' SunTex Solar Screen is designed to reflect, absorb and disperse solar heat and glare before it penetrates your home. Its unique woven mesh blocks 80% to 90% of the sun's rays. Installed on your windows and doors SunTex solar panels can reduce fabric fading and lower your monthly utility bill. Used on your patio, porch or balcony, SunTex Solar

Screen provides great outdoor living while protecting your family from harmful UV sunburn rays, insects and unwanted pest intrusion.