FREE Evaluation of Your Screen Enclosure

Get a FREE Evaluation of your screen enclosure and let Screen Builders improve the integrity of your screen enclosure with:

  • Reinforced Hurricane Roof Bracing – Your screen's structural stability begins with proper roof and wall bracing. Our heavy duty K Bracing is the strongest in the industry.
  • Removable screen panels – Putting hurricane preparedness back in the homeowner's hands, our removable panels allow air flow to pass through. By removing selected panels, flying debris like dirt and sand can no longer clog the screen mesh holes causing excessive strain and tears.
  • Corrosion resistant screws, washers and fasteners – Our concrete screws and fasteners use a ceramic primer with a color stable topcoat capped with a plastic dome for near zero corrosion. No rust means greater stability.
  • NEW finer thread mesh screen panels – Upgrade your screen mesh to a finer thread tested to withstand winds of 110mph and enjoy the added benefits of greater clarity and 33% more insect resistance. The new screen is almost non-detectable.