Governor responds to cancer cluster

Two days ago, on Tuesday, local leaders sent the governor a letter, asking him to get involved in the cancer cluster investigation. They say it didn't take long to get a response.

The governor's office has called on the state Department of Environmental Protection to conduct more tests of well water at homes in the Acreage, and they fanned out Thursday afternoon to get consent from homeowners.

In addition, a task force is being set up to oversee the cancer cluster investigation.

The task force will be made up of homeowners, elected officials, parents of children who've had cancer, and others.

One woman who will be on the task force says it's a significant step.

"I just about fell out of my chair last night with excitement," said Michelle Damone, president of the Indian Trail Improvement District board. "...because I couldn't believe how quickly the governor responded."

"The governor is listening, responding and he is activating staff to come out here and get us the results."

No date so far when the task force will hold its initial meeting.